Courtenay Participants

In Courtenay we met awesome people like Hans Peter Meyer who partially connects to downtown Courtenay through childhood memories. He tells how every Friday evening as a boy his family would come into town, where he would hang out at the library gathering reading material for the weekend.

We also met Miguel Strother, a Comox Valley writer who is partial to the “Fourth Street Square” in Courtenay because it’s vibrant, a space where people gather, and contains important elements of a wonderful public square.


If you want to be part of this exciting experiment, follow the instructions on the right and email your video to Sharon Karsten ( Sign a release form, answer a few questions, and you will get your connect-spot story on the ‘Where is here?’ map.

We invite you to go to your favourite place in Courtenay's, Nanaimo's, or Port Alberni's downtown areas and record a video that tells us in less than 1.5 minutes: who you are, where you are, and why you feel connected to your community in that place.


Filming Instructions:

  • Horizontal (Landscape) Orientation
  • No longer than 1.5 minutes in duration
  • “Connect spot story” told in one take
  • Retake as often as necessary
  • Email to

Pay attention to the following while filming:

  • Ensure the background is attractive and doesn't detract from the speaker.
  • Use a close-up frame to get speaker’s head and shoulders, with some “breathing space” above his or her head.
  • Make sure the background noise level will not overpower the speaker’s voice.

Want to learn more about cultural mapping?

Join the Symposium taking place in Courtenay, BC, July 20 - 22, 2016: This 3-day event brings together over 25 cultural mapping specialists from Canada and beyond to reflect on current practice, exchange knowledge and innovate within the field. Presenters include municipal development actors, academics and artists (many fit into several of these categories). The event includes keynote speakers, panel discussions and art interventions. Click to find out more, or to register for this exciting symposium.

Our sponsors & Funders

We gratefully aknowledge the support provided to this project by a wide range of funders and sponsors.